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The art of GC troubleshooting often lies in being able to recognize a problem from the evidence presented in the chromatogram or baseline appearance. In this short series of two webcasts, we present 20 real life GC chromatograms and show you how to recognize the issues, deal with the causes and preventing them from happening again!


Key learning objectives:

  • Recognize key GC issues from the appearance of the chromatogram or baseline
  • Appreciate the requirements for high quality gas supplies and understand how to achieve the optimum in gas cleanliness
  • Understand the optimal way to configure a split/splitless injection system and the routine maintenance and checks to keep it working properly
  • Understanding column loading and designing appropriate analyses to avoid column overload
  • Understand the principles of column installation and conditioning
  • Investigating issues with column and analyte chemistry
  • Recognize issues with settings or gas supply for common GC detectors