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The most commonly used detector for HPLC analysis is the UV-visible detector. The detector fulfills many of the criteria for an ideal detector. This module will detail the workings of UV-visible detectors, including variable wavelength and diode array detectors. Key detectors settings that should be optimized are fully detailed.


Topics include:

  • The flow cell
  • UV-visible detection - quantitation
  • External standard quantitation
  • Calibration curve
  • UV absorbance
  • Variable wavelength UV-visible detectors
  • Diode array detectors (DAD)
  • Diode array detectors spectra
  • Diode array detectors - bandwidth
  • Diode array detectors - slit width
  • Diode array detectors - response time
  • Diode array detectors - reference wavelength
  • Choosing sample and reference settings for DAD
  • DAD - peak suppression