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CHROMtalks - A Generic Methodology for Streamlined Performance Monitoring of a Wide Range of Reversed Phase UHPLC Columns Over Time

Selection of column and mobile-phase chemistries is a crucial step in chromatographic method development. It is common nowadays to use sophisticated “screening systems” to evaluate several column and mobile phase chemistries early in the method development process. The introduction of new column technologies into these screening systems requires continuous performance monitoring to catch changes in selectivity over time. Consequently, developing a universal method that could be used across different column chemistries and the mobile-phase pH range in common use would be very useful. In this presentation, we introduce a single set of probe molecules that can be used for this purpose. The probe set and chromatographic conditions, which are useful for monitoring a wide range of column chemistries, temperatures, and pH conditions, were discovered via software-based retention. The approach has been applied to monitor the performance and stability of multiple columns using an automated ultrahigh-pressure liquid chromatography (UHPLC) screening system, thus illustrating its practicality and effectiveness.

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