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This educational webcast will provide information on the basics of preparative HPLC. In this session, our speakers present an introductory guide to the theory, instrumentation, and applications of preparative HPLC. The session will consider all the relevant aspects of theory and practical implementation and will consider the requirements imposed at analytical scale when considering scale-up to prep. We will also consider logical approaches to scaling an analytical separation with target recoveries in mind as well as highlighting some of the major pitfalls of the technique and practical tips to overcome them. Throughput and method robustness will also be considered and are factors that are often overlooked by the novice preparative HPLC user. A must see for anyone using or about to use preparative HPLC.


Topics Include: 

  • Uses of preparative chromatography
  • Column considerations
  • Preparative separation goals
  • Analytical separations designed for preparative applications
  • Method development
  • Optimizing loading at analytical scale
  • Volume and concentration overloading
  • Sample solvents
  • Methods of scale-up
  • Scalable and non-scalable factors
  • Productivity and throughput
  • Robustness and method verification