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Everyone loves a top ten list, so here is our list of “Top Ten Things you Absolutely Need to Know About Gradient HPLC”. Whether you are a novice or seasoned gradient HPLC user, there is something in here for everyone.


Topics include: 

  • Spot the difference - isocratic vs. gradient elution
  • High or low pressure pumps for delivering gradients
  • How to optimize essential gradient parameters
  • Find the perfect equilibrium with the correct column re-equilibration time
  • Don’t dwell on what went wrong, calculate your dwell volume
  • It’s a steep learning curve - what effect does gradient steepness have on a separation?
  • How to transfer methods - changing flow rate, column, length, column i.d.
  • How to avoid (or at least improve) drifting baselines
  • Peak capacity - just how many sample components can be separated?
  • Which gradient profile will shape your chromatography?