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HPLC Method Review and Workload Planning

Before starting any practical work, it's essential we take some time to review our method and plan our workload.

In this module an experienced analyst takes you step-by-step through the process of how we do this. We'll look in detail at every part of what appears to be a straightforward HPLC method, paying particular attention to the many areas which carry a high risk of error and how we can plan our work to minimize many of these common errors.


Topics include:

  • Meet our method - CA08
  • Overview of the workload planning process
  • Reagents, materials, and equipment
  • Mobile phase
  • HPLC conditions
  • Preparation of the internal standard
  • Preparation of standards
  • Preparation of the blank
  • Preparation of samples
  • System suitability
  • Calculations
  • Pulling it all together