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This webcast presents an educational webcast on the fundamental principles of ion chromatography. In this session, our speakers present a definitive guide to the fundamental theory and instrumentation of ion chromatography. This guide considers the underlying theory of the technique, column and eluent selection, and key separation variables; as well as the various techniques used for ion suppression and detection. We also consider various applications of ion chromatography together with recent advances in the technique including capillary ion chromatography, fast and ultra high pressure ion chromatography, and hyphenation of ion chromatography to mass spectrometric detectors. A must see for everyone using or considering ion chromatography.


Topics include:

  • Basic theory of ion chromatography
  • The ion chromatography system
  • Column choice and basic applications of ion chromatography
  • Eluents for ion chromatography 
  • Advanced ion chromatography
  • Hyphenating ion chromatography to mass spectrometry