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The aim of this module is to introduce some of the working principles of ion chromatography and related techniques. The various approaches to analyzing ions in solution are highlighted. We will also explain the equipment/eluent modifiers necessary for ion chromatography.

At the end of this module you will be able to recognize ion chromatography as a set of chromatographic techniques suitable for analyzing ionic species. You will be able to describe the correct approach for analyzing ions in solution using a variety of eluent additives and instrumentation. Being able to recognize application types where ion chromatography approaches may be required will also be taught. 


Topics include: 

  • The HPLC process
  • Types of ion chromatography
  • Acid-base chemistry
  • Ion exchange chromatography - overview
  • General ion exchange considerations
  • Ion exchange mechanisms
  • Ion exchange elution considerations
  • Ion exclusion chromatography - overview
  • Ion exclusion chromatography process
  • Ion pair chromatography
  • Ion suppression
  • The ion chromatographic system
  • Ion chromatography columns
  • Detection
  • Hyphenated ion chromatography