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CHROMtalks - Listen to Your LC Instrument - It Is Trying to Tell You Something!

Your LC instrument is always talking. Are you listening? Modern instruments are producing several streams of data and successful users have learned to use that information to their advantage. Troubleshooting a problem becomes much easier when you know how to use this information. This presentation will focus on two of those information streams—pressure and retention time. Many users do not have a complete understanding of the origins of, and influences on, retention time in HPLC, which makes retention time changes more difficult to troubleshoot. This presentation will take a more global approach to understanding these changes by examining some of the influences on retention, including our primary diagnostic tool—pressure. Examination of pressure plots can reveal a great deal about a particular separation, and we will show examples of how to use this information in troubleshooting retention-time problems. In addition, we will explore the use of change ratios and other practical tools for diagnosing the cause of the retention changes.

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