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This webcast presents the first in our series of webcasts on HPLC Troubleshooting. In this session, our speakers describe practical troubleshooting and maintenance information around HPLC eluents and solvent delivery systems (pumps). This session considers important practical concepts such as good practice for eluent preparation, filtration and degassing as well as common related issues such as retention time drift and selectivity changes. We also explain the working principles of HPLC solvent delivery systems and highlight the components which are most susceptible to problems. The webcast concludes by considering various trohbleshooting tests and strategies as well as common maintenance operations for solvent delivery systems. A must see for anyone who uses HPLC equipment and who wants to improve their troubleshooting and instrument maintenance skills.


Topics include:

  • Good practice for eluent preparation
  • Troubleshooting retention time and selectivity issues
  • Degassing – dos and don’ts
  • Anatomy of a mobile phase delivery system
  • Components that go wrong and why
  • Symptoms of a poorly pump
  • Troubleshooting and tests
  • Recommended maintenance operations