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HPLC Troubleshooting Masterclass

In this webcast, our speakers demonstrate practical HPLC separation troubleshooting. Using real world chromatograms submitted by CHROMacademy members from many different application areas, they illustrate how to recognize problems and explain further tests and investigations necessary to properly qualify the issue. They then offer advice on how the problem may be resolved to help you gain valuable insight into recognizing, characterizing and fixing problems in HPLC to improve your data quality and reduce instrument downtime.

Topics include:

  • Learn how experts troubleshoot HPLC chromatography problems
  • A series of real chromatograms are used to demonstrate logical ways to approach various issues in HPLC
  • Learn what problems and symptoms are important and how to further investigate issues
  • Learn what further tests can be done to better understand problems and fix issues more quickly
  • Learn to recognize problems quickly and achieve better data quality and higher throughput

We’d love to hear from you to discuss how CHROMacademy can work for you. Find out more about licensing by talking to our team.