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Fundamentals of GC-MS Video Training Course
4 Video Training Sessions, with Tutor Support

Fundamentals of GC-MS Video Course

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Introduction & GC Considerations
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GC-MS Considerations
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Mass Analysers
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General Interpretation Strategies

A course designed to highlight the powerful possibilities of GC analysis with spectral detection. Tuning and tune reports will be explained and instruction given in the use of tune reports as a powerful diagnostic tool.

The functionality of the MS will be discussed in detail including principles of the quadrupole mass filter.
Ion detection devices will be explained and the use of electron impact and chemical ionization sources will be investigated with applicability to practical situations.

Course Delivery & Duration

  • 4 video sessions each session is between 1- 2 hours long
  • Tutor supported with access to our chromatography experts
  • Supporting training material
  • Course assessment with certificate

Our CHROMacademy tutors will deliver four video training sessions over a four week period with all sessions made available on-demand after their release until the course end date.

It's important you register before the course start date! To gain a certificate of completion you must complete a final assessment before the course end date - this is typically seven weeks after we release session one.

Don't worry if you miss a session you can always catch up at anytime within the seven weeks period, however we strongly suggest that you keep up to date with the sessions as they are broadcast.

Who should take this course

Anyone who is new to GC-MS or those wishing to understand more about the practicalities of GC-MS analysis. This course delivers a full introduction to the subject and takes knowledge and understanding to a level which will make a real difference in your working life!

Tutor support

Tony Taylor B.Sc. CChem FRSC Cert. Ed.

Tony has been doing, researching, teaching and training in analytical chemistry for the past 28 years. He comes from a pharmaceutical and polymer analysis background and continues to work with both liquid and gas phase techniques at Crawford Scientific (UK).

His main interests are the use of LC-MS and GC-MS for structural characterisation and the quantitation of trace components in complex matrices. He is professionally qualified trainer and is Technical Director of the CHROMacademy.

  Amy Claydon


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