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The Research Institute for Chromatography & CHROMacademy - Biochromatography Partners.

RIC is a privately-owned European center of excellence for analytical solutions and has been supporting industries and government agencies in various markets for over 35 years. Founded by Professor Pat Sandra in 1986 and currently led by his two sons Tom en Koen Sandra, RIC’s core values of scientific know-how and technical expertise have resulted in a strong analytical offering for its customers, particularly in the field of chromatography, electrophoresis and mass spectrometry. RIC has taught some of the greatest thinkers in the world of separation sciences with many industry thought leaders accrediting them as ‘the place where they got started’.

Under it’s brand name “RIC biologics” the company delivers in-depth product understanding to the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry, from early development, across clinical testing and after commercialization. RIC brings to the table its broad product expertise in large biological molecules (mAbs, mAb fragments, ADCs, bi-/multi-specifics, enzymes, DNA/RNA, cell-based products and complex formulations, e.g. vaccines) and small synthetic compounds (NCEs, generics, peptides, oligo’s). Supportive activities include lead selection & formulation, identification & characterization, quantification, method development, stability & comparability testing, training & consultancy as well as root-cause investigations.

RIC has been an active contributor to CHROMacademy’s biopharma courses from the start and its mindset of non-stop innovation and can-do attitude fits perfectly with CHROMacademy’s platform for continuous e-learning.


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